Don’t Apologize

When COVID first hit, the need for personal shoppers was a big deal. We needed people, who were healthy, to do our shopping due to compromised immune systems and illnesses. Now that COVID has subsided, I’ve heard the argument that we should not utilize that lazy way of shopping.

As a working mom, I have found that this service has been a huge help to me. I work far away and on a good day, it takes me 45 minutes to get home (a one way 45 minute trip). By the time my family and I get home. make dinner, do the dishes, give the little girl a bath, it is almost time for me to get to bed.

I used to do my shopping on the weekend but I found that I was still very exhausted by the end of the weekend. I felt like I had no time for myself and my passion for art, reading and writing started to become more of a fleeting dream. I became depressed.

Utilizing the shopping service was a way to give myself more time to work on my passions. I was able to use those three extra hours on the weekend to paint, draw or write.

As working moms, whether stay at home or working, it is important to have that time for ourselves. Just because we become mothers does not mean we cease to be the women we were before. If you find that utilizing a shopping trip to give you that extra time, don’t apologize for doing so. Make sure you find what works for you.

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