Need a Writer or Editor?

If you are a business or even an individual who needs a little extra help writing an article, editing a document, or need a little extra advice; contact me!

A little bit of background for your information. I have been writing both creatively and analytically for over ten years. I have written professionally for companies (mainly credit unions and financial institutions) and magazines (Deliberate Magazine, Clean Reads, and Fusion Radio). During that time I have written policies and procedures for compliance purposes, christian articles based on everyday life and tips, and written for Electronic Dance Music events.

What can you expect?

I will write only what you require or need, If you need a procedure or policy for your company, it will be professional and sleek. If you need an article and want it to be outgoing and bubbly, I will make it just that. The content will reflect what your company desires and nothing more.

How long does it take to write a piece? 

It, honestly, depends on the piece. A smaller article can take up to a few hours where a full article (usually 1500 words or more) can take up to a day to write. I don’t write articles in 15 minutes and submit them. Each piece will be professionally written and that takes time to write and edit.

If you are needing a procedure or policy, it can take up to a week to research and write. Policies and procedures are often times written to make sure your company is in compliance with laws and regulations. In order to make sure that your company has an accurate policy or procedure, Research must be done first before any writing can take place. If you are a nearby company, I will come visit and talk to you before I begin this process to make sure we cover all the aspects you are looking for. If you are in another state, I can video message your company to get that information.

How much does it cost?

Articles, policies and procedures take time to research, write and edit. I want to provide the best completed product that you will love and appreciate. Therefore, I cannot do work for free. My rate is .10 cents per word. Small articles will range from 300-1500 words. Medium articles will range from 1500-3500 words and large articles are 3500 words or more. Polices and procedures can vary in size depending on the type of document.

What form of payment is taken?

The form of payment can be discussed but Certified Cashier’s Check is often times the main source of payment I will take. At this time I do not have a way to take credit card.

Still wondering about hiring me? contact me so we can chat more. We can get to know each other and I can tell you more about my experiences before you hire me. I want you to feel comfortable with the person who will be helping build your company. When your company succeeds, so do I.

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