To God Be the Glory

Our world is changing so much and having a child, I want her to follow God the way we are called to do. My husband and I have feared our society leading her a stray for years. Even before she was born, we asked God to show us how to raise her in this chaotic and sinful world. At one point, we decided she would go to a Christian school from Kindergarten through High School no matter what it took. We would work the best jobs or work two jobs in order to make this happen.

And then it happened. Our daughter is in daycare currently and she came home one day telling us that she was told not to pray before she ate her meal. We have taught her to pray every time we sit down to eat, when she wants to talk to God, when she wants to ask her Heavenly Father for something, or when someone is hurting or in need of something. So she did what she was taught.

We called her school to discuss this as we were very concerned for what they were telling her not to do. When I dropped her off the next day, the director sat with me and told me the opposite. She said that Brianna bowed her head to pray for her food as she had done every day in school but for some reason, this time, her friends asked what she was doing and wanted to do it too. Since our society is against teachers teaching about prayer, the teacher felt stuck in what she could say. When the other kids asked Brianna what she was doing she told them. She told them she was thanking God for her food and talking to God. They asked who God was and Brianna started telling them.

The teacher said she told them how God is almighty, He is always with us, and that Jesus died for us. Of course, being only four years old, the children were confused so they turned towards the teacher with questions. The teacher tried to spin it off by talking about wishes but my daughter thought they were telling her not to pray and talk about God. Later, the teacher pulled her aside and told her she was more than welcome to talk about Jesus and God with her friends if she wanted.

After all this was done, of course we were proud parents, but we realized something very important. If we keep her in a Christian school to shelter her from the world, we are hindering her from witnessing to her friends. We quickly realized that our fear could hold another child back from knowing God’s love. So we changed our plan.

The money we were planning on putting towards our daughter’s Christian education would go towards sending her to Awanas, Christian camps, and other biblical places where she can learn and grow. Of course, we as parents, have to keep up with teaching her. We have to teach her what God says is right and is wrong according to God’s word. We have to pray with her and for her to grow to be more like Christ. We have to love on her the way God wants us to love on her.

I know there are probably tons of other parents out there reading this with the same fear that we have. But if we stand up and raise our children the way God would want us to, we have nothing to fear. Let’s build that foundation in our children so that they stand firm when they face the storms of sin in our society.

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